PureTek, an Australian web & software solutions company based in Brisbane. Experts in website development, website maintenance, software development, software maintenance, business related information technology using our expertise in Classic ASP, .Net ,SQL Server and many more.

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Navigating this web site

There are several ways to navigate this web site:

  1. Primary navigation

    At the top of the page are primary navigation links for important pages and sections of this site. Important pages include: contact us, site map and development links.

    Primary links may contain further links to associated pages via a drop down menu list.

  2. Quicklinks

    The quicklinks bar contains page links with the highest imporatance to the website and are there for user convenience.

    Social bookmarking

    The quicklinks bar contains links to social bookmarks. Social bookmark sites offer human linked pages for information deemed helpful on its subject.

    If you like the page or feel it contains useful information, you can bookmark it to let fellow Internet users find the page too.

  3. Top (of the page)

    Links may be scattered through page content with the word "top" or similar. This link will take your current page view to the top of the browser page (the start of the main content). This function is especially helpful for pages with large quantities of content.

Browser requirements

There are certain requirements and recommendations that will help provide the best online experience available while browsing this site. They include:

  • Browser: please use a current Internet browser. Current browsers such as: Mozilla Firefox 2+, Google Chrome 1+, Interner Explorer 7+, or Netscape Navigator 7+. Ideally the browser should display images and CSS.
  • Javascript: enabled in the browser.
    This will enhance advanced features for this web site and increase your browsing experience.
  • Flash: a current flash player, version 8+, to be installed and working in the browser.
  • Screen resolution: a minimum 1024x768 screen resolution should be used to best display content.
  • PDF viewer: a pdf viewer either installed as a plug-in for the browser used or referenced as an external program on the computer.
  • Encryption: a 128bit security encryption should be installed on your browsers. For modern browsers this level of security (or better) is installed and enabled as standard.

    For browsers before Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape Navigator 6, this should be manually downloaded and installed (refer to the actual browser's support).

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