PureTek, an Australian web & software solutions company based in Brisbane. Experts in website development, website maintenance, software development, software maintenance, business related information technology using our expertise in Classic ASP, .Net ,SQL Server and many more.

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User centered design

Our design philosophy revolves around end-users' wants, requirements and limitations.

We give extensive attention to the design, information layout, accessibility and business flow to enrich user experience. Our well structured processes enable us to deliver high functioning websites with simple but thorough content presentation and easy navigation.

If your website is used by a large number of users and will form a critical link in your service delivery then we can assist you achieve high effectiveness with our design and development.

Website design

In the current digital climate and continually growing Internet market, website design has matured into a high level of user service and customer satistfaction.

The expectations of today's user is of a professional and functional website. At PureTek we work hard every day to deliver exactly that to our client's customers. We maintain industry accepted standards and validate our clients pages using the latest standard like W3C XHTML 1.0.

Our website and design services

PureTek can design and implement your business website. Our services include:

  • Web page and website template design
  • Website enhancement and a freshen up for existing sites
  • Navigation and information controls
  • Usability and accessibility standards for websites
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Website design has evolved

Internet users now demand a lot from a website:

  • More Interaction
    • Video and audio
    • Direct human interaction
    • Visual indications whilst scrolling
  • Greater personal involvement with their web site by:
    • Allowing the user to create content
    • Saving user settings and preferences
    • Personalising content delivered to the customer
  • Faster speed and immediate information

Whatever your needs are PureTek is able to provide the right advise, direction, and development of your new website and Internet services.

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